Here we are! The last step of the 4th edition of Objectif3280 has come with the opening of the 8th generation yesterday evening.

289 echoes have been posted in the 7th generation, so, this last one started with 867 pictures to propose to complete the photopoems of this edition. Each one can post 5 pictures. There is no branch to save at the last minute, so, have fun and surprise us! Most of all, keep up the good work with your stories that make us discover parts of the world or of your world…

180 persons are already on the tree of this great 4th edition, some regulars of course but a lot of newcomers too. For the geographic side, of course, France is massively reprensented, but also Venezuela, USA, Turkey, Peru, Panama, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Great-Britain, Denmark, Germany, Chile, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and Austria! That’s a good start but I know we could do better… As one of the ambition of this project is to go beyound any boundaries, please, feel free to invite yours friends to participate to this international piece of art!

Let’s go back to the challenge: 867 echoes to post before the 14th of February at midnight, you might think it is impossible. In fact, no… 867 divided by 5 = 173 participants… And I’ve just mentioned that we were already 180… So, it each participant posts all his echoes or manages to convince one person to participate, we could complete this 8th generation for the first time of the history of Objectif3280. Wouldn’t it great to conclude this echo-photographic adventure?

Well, let’s participate now… Remember: there must be an association of idea between your picture and the one you are answering.

And do not forget to have a look to the page All echoes in the Explore tab where you can like the pictures that have been posted and also read their stories…