There are different ways to participate, depending on your envy but also the speed of your web connexion.

If it is your first participation to Objectif3280, do not hesitate to have a look to the Instructions for use.

The circular mode:

ed3-cir+ you can see all the pictures of all generations; you can evolve on the tree as you would do it on a map, zoom and zoom out… You click on an empty frame to post your echo.
+ the most complete mode
+ this mode may require a high-speed connexion

The linear mode:

ed3-lin+ you can only see the pictures of the ongoing generation (n) and of the previous one (the one you are asked to create a rest). You click on an empty frame to post your echo.
+ the simplest mode
+ the best mode if you don’t have a high-speed connexion, in particular till 6 or 7th generation

The shuffle mode:

ed3-alea + you can only see the images of the generation you are asked to give an echo. You can’t see what the other participants have posted. You click on the picture you want to give an echo to post your image. If you refresh the page, pictures will appear in a different order (this is for the “shuffle” part).
+ if there is no image left ont this page, that means that all the echoes have already been posted
+ this mode does not require any high-speed connexion