Ouch, you have to be really fast this year to have a room on the tree… We are breaking records! As you may hace noticed, the 4th generation is full. Echoes already take us to the other side of the world, following different alternatives. Which is a good thing for the 5th generation! The tree is also happy to welcome new participants and it is always a good news for us. And, participants from Canada, Great-Britain and Germany joined us today.

For now, we have a day off: the 5th generation will open on Tuesday, around 8pm (french time zone) with 81 echoes (27×3)… Well, it should slow down a little bit till now and I am pretty sure it’s a good thing for you that do not live in the same time zone than most of the participants of Objectif3280… Anyway, don’t worry and don’t go too: there will be some room for you soon. And feel free to share this page… After G5 comes G6 with 243 echoes…

Till Tuesday, and also in order to prepare your image in advance by choosing the one you want to give a follow on, you can EXPLORE the tree (in the menu up there)… and also vote for your favorite image (All echoes) where you should be able to read some stories about the pictures (even if most of them are in French).