_WHAT IS Objectif3280?

Looking at a picture often brings us, through conscious or unconscious association of ideas, to another picture, whether it is mental or does exist.

Objectif3280 simply proposes to materialize these pictorial connexions starting with one of my pictures through a web interface specifically developed for this project. Participants from all over the world can then imagine what follows by posting their own picture, that every one can discover in real time.

The web interface allows everyone to give his/her own follow on of the story to a picture sent by another person who might live on the other side of the planet, which is itself the echo of a picture sent – why not? – by an unknown neighbour of the first photographer etc.

The common point between the pictures may be obvious – a color, an element in the composition, a place… – or, on the contrary, more abstract – be linked to a more personal moment, a local event… Nonetheless, the transition must be comprehensible to another person…

For each picture, three echoes can be created, thus opening, generation after generation (8 for this edition), the field of possibilities and illustrating the variety and the richness of points of view and perception.

My ambition with Objectif3280 is to go beyond the logic of a photographic chain between two persons, as it already exists, to show/demonstrate how, from a single image, we can create so many different stories and, most of all, share them.


Objectif3280 is a project.

Objectif3280 is born out of this desire to create something with strangers thanks to the power of Internet networks, which already abolish distance and time, and add the rules of creation to this classical duo.

Objectif3280 is a photographic utopia of sharing our talents to create a huge tree whose branches and leaves, composed of pictures, would grow following our respective imagination.

Objectif3280 is an artistic and interactive challenge to which everyone can contribute.

Objectif3280 is meaningless without your participation…


More than anything else, it is word of mouth, the echo that participants gave, at each step, to the project that made new persons to climb to the tree and made it bigger and bigger.