I have created a few words and formulas to give Objectif3280 its own identity.

+ Eco-photographic tree

Name given to the graphic representation of the project Objectif3280 in reference to a family tree.

  • tree because each set of pictures is like a branch starting from the same place, the tree trunk, which is my first picture
  • echo-photographic because its branches are composed of pictures that echo one another

+ Ancestry

Set of pictures prior to an echo

+ Descendants

All the pictures following from an echo

+ Echo or photographic echo

Name given to the picture you post to anwer someone else’s picture.

+ Echomunity

The whole participants of Objectif3280.

+ Generation

Pictures belonging to a same degree of relationship (posted in the same period of time).
There are 8 for this edition, and each picture can generate 3 echoes at the next generation.

+ Lineage

Chain of pictures leading to the selected picture. See « photopoem »

+ Perched on a branch with

Name of the short interview I have created to exchange with the participants of Objectif3280 if they wished:

  • What is the role of photography in your life?
  • What is the story of your picture?
  • What kind of association of idea led you to this picture?

+ Photopoem

Objectif3280 has been compared to poetry several time. So I called photopoem each story or lineage created from my first picture. Each photopoem is composed of maximum 8 echoes, one for each generation.