The 5th generation will open at 8pm (french time zone) with 81 echoes to post, and still only one echo per person.

Let me remind you the major idea of this project: Objectif3280 is built on association of ideas. The goal is to imagine a follow on to the pictures that have been posted by the participants of the previous generation. There are plenty of possibilities for this continuation: the form, the idea, the color, the legend, something in the story, the atmosphere… Ideally, an echo is not a repetition but the rest of the story initiated by your predecessors.

While waiting for the opening of G5, why don’t you have a look to the tree and the All echoes‘s page to spot the picture you want to give an echo?

Besides, if it is your first participation, maybe you would appreciate to check the Instructions for use before participating.

And at 8pm, go the tab Participate (the one in red up there), choose your mode of visualisation (circular, linear, shuffle), the picture you want to give an echo and follow the guide!

Do not hesitate to share this project around you. For the next steps (with potentially 243, 729 and 2187 echoes to post), we will need a lot of people, from everywhere in the world!

So join us and see you soon on the tree!