Objectif3280 is a worldwide photographic and participative project, online and in real time based on linking ideas and pictures.

The 6th edition is over!

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Have a look to the map of the echoes?

Have a look to the map of the echoes?

After the map of the echomunity, here is the map of all echoes that have been posted on this 4th edition of Objectif3280 which will end the 14th of February during the night. 818 pictures have already founded a room on this echo-photographic tree since January the 17th! And we can see that this echomunity...
The echomunity's map is ready!

The echomunity’s map is ready!

The echomunity? It is the whole participants of this 4th edition of Objectif3280 that will end on the 14th of February (yeah, Valentine’s day). There are almost already 200 participants on this edition and it’s not over. Most of all, a new record has been set with this edition as the youngest participant has only...